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  • Karisa Wilson at TEDxGrandRapids
  • Forest Walk (songs from the second floor)

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  • Feature: Women’s Lifestyle Magazine September 2014

    Big thanks to Kerri VanderHoff and Two Eagles Marcus (and Victoria Upton) of Women’s Lifestyle Magazine for a sweet feature of professional women from all fields!

  • ArtPrize 2014

    Howdy! It’s that time again…ArtPrize.  You might recall that yours truly won the St. Cecilia Music Society-sponsored music ArtPrize award last year for “The Courage of One” in the Folk category…and then performed the televised ArtPrize Awards ceremony.  It’s a good word around these parts. Tho I’m formally sitting this year out, I was honored […]

  • Rock and Roll Mama

    Hey Friends, It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog –not because I’m sitting around doing nothing. Quite the opposite. By now, you might know that I gave birth to a beautiful boy, John-Paul, in March. I’m so happy with motherhood, and excited to learn that despite fears to the contrary, motherhood and the […]