Rock and Roll Mama

Hey Friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog –not because I’m sitting around doing nothing. Quite the opposite. By now, you might know that I gave birth to a beautiful boy, John-Paul, in March. I’m so happy with motherhood, and excited to learn that despite fears to the contrary, motherhood and the musician life work well together. I was leaving a rehearsal the other night, opened my trunk to put guitar in and my friend noticed the stroller and Bumbo baby seat. She said, “ you’re a real rock n’ roll mama”! Cor-rect!

Performance Highlights:

Figure 1  JP@Ziggy Marley Show July 3

Figure 1 JP@Ziggy Marley Show July 3


Fig 2 Opening for Ziggy Marly

Had baby March 19. Performed a concert 6 weeks post at the beautiful Howmet Theater in Whitehall and since then have been back in full swing, complete with opening for Ziggy Marley at the Fredrik Meijer Gardens.

New Record in the Works:

I’m also excited to be writing a new album and demoing a new project with the help of good friend, Michael Constantine of Ten Pine Studios.

Music Instructor:

I’ve been a private music instructor of violin, voice and guitar for the last 15 years, the last 9 of which at Guitar Haven in Grand Haven, Michigan.  That beautiful chapter is coming to a close as I move to a new space in my home town of Grand Rapids.  I’m now an instructor at the Triumph Music Academy located in the Bazani building at Wealthy and Diamond.  I’m sad to leave my GH students, but excited to be closer to home and to baby – and especially to cut out the long drive in winter.  Call 616.635.6611 to schedule beginner/intermediate level lessons for your child or yourself!